what is price action??

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  1. what does it mean to you , what is it?? care to share a your thoughts on it??
  2. PA is what happens when volume or lack of volume impacts the market.
  3. its what the experienced eye and brain see within the mess of numbers moving up and down that allows the trader to see opportunity and profit within perceived chaos.
  4. Corn...you spelled "Cold" wrong :p
  5. dude, i understand..i dont expect anyone to give out their edge, besides, a couple of sentences of an edge is not something i go on anyway...just want to hear what peoples idea of price action is..i am here just to learn more..thanks
  6. is price action a kind of technical analysis? does my question even make sense??
  7. this makes sense , thanks
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    Price action can be taken to mean the making of trading decisions off of price movements alone as opposed to the use of fundamental analysis to make trading decisions. Technical trend followers are the most well known and successful users of "price action".
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