What is Paulson going to flap his lips about now?

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  1. He needs to quit.
  2. He's doing exactly what Bush and his handlers wanted him to do, i.e., screw the american people.
  3. Paulson's `Chump' Kashkari May Ruin Christmas, Congressman Says

    By John Brinsley and Rebecca Christie

    Nov. 14 (Bloomberg) -- On Capitol Hill today, Neel Kashkari became the ``chump'' who stole Christmas.

    Kashkari, who oversees the Treasury's $700 billion financial rescue plan, came under fire at a congressional hearing today, notably by Maryland Democrat Elijah Cummings. Cummings was angry about reports American International Group Inc., which got an expanded $150 billion government bailout this week, is setting aside $503 million in compensation for executives.

    ``I'm just wondering how you feel about an AIG giving $503 million worth of bonuses on the one hand, and accepting $154 billion from hard-working taxpayers,'' Cummings asked Kashkari. ``What really bothers me is all these other people who are lining up. They say, well, is Kashkari a chump?''

  4. clacy


    Again, WHY THE FUCK should executives be getting bonuses when they ran the company into the ground?

    The leadership of ANY company that needs a bailout, has inherently failed in their duties.

    Such leadership should be fired rather than paid bonuses.
  5. Is there not some law that if a company fails the executives are held accountable, can be even punishable with jail?

    If we start a private company and commit fraud etc and the compnay goes under with debt then we finish up in jail. So why should it be any different for a publicly traded company?