What is NQ

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    is it a share... index
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    It is a future contract based on the top 100 companies by market cap on the NASDAQ exchange.

    Don't mess with it, it is beyond your understanding.

    I warned you about this in another thread. Do NOT get involved with futures, if you cannot figure FX.
  3. Nah, he can trade MNQ with reckless abandon. The daily range on MNQ is like $200, you'd have to be really bad to lose more than $200 in one day trading MNQ.
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    He did not ask about the MNQ. He asked about the NQ. And the range on the N series is not 200 bux, it is 200 points these days. That is more than 200 bux on MNQ, or 2000 on NQ.
  5. I was talking more about regular trading hours range. I've never really been able to successfully trade NQ off hours unless there is volume. Median is probably 100 points. I should know this but I don't.
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    what is NQ a symbol for
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    Volume is not necessary to successfully trade NQ after RTH. Just TA, if you believe in that BS. What becomes necessary is FA and a pulse on the Eastern hemisphere markets, starting at 8PM ET.

    Alas. Padu is going to get totally buggered, if he thinks he will make it in the futures market, after failing in FX.
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    Short for Nasdaq
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    I answered your question dumbass, but because you have me on ignore, you will not receive an answer from me. Why don't you e-mail Brooks and ask HIM? He is your co-god, like Ganesh and Shiva
  10. It's too wacky for me, I'm happy just trading RTH for now.
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