What is NLP?

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  1. all this talk of NLP at least makes me want to know what the hell it really is. jack hershey and "scientist" frequently mention it.

    someone who knows this stuff, give an example showing exactly what it is, please.

    anyone who knows me at all knows i'm not big on BS. i'm not claiming NLP is or is not BS. for the "NLP" bashers, i don't really know much about it, but it's probably just a term for something humans already do regularly anyway. maybe NLP is just a way to consciously make changes that do sometimes happen anyway.

    for example, you may already have discipline for some aspects of your life without really thinking about it, but if you read a book about discipline, you may learn how to improve your discipline even more. maybe reading about "NLP" is just a way to improve your mind CONSCIOUSLY in a way that you already do, but more effectively.

    i don't know if this is NLP or not, but i've said before that really believing you will do something is extremely important. when i posted that in another thread, some ass replied to me saying that he doesn't need to read a book for that stuff--WELL I DIDN'T EITHER! my point was, maybe by reading about how your mind works and how we think can make you more effective at making mental changes than you already are.

    anyway, someone explain NLP.
  2. As you know, us atheists are extremely skeptical of anything smelling like pseudo-science...but I think NLP has some merrit.

    Remember the bubble era Ameritrade commercial in the yoga class? ("I'm on a sandy beach" ..."I'm off the beach, I'm trading stocks!")

    Remember how the Yoga instructor called on "Debbie Debbie Debbie"? The idea is that because it sounds like 'WWW" your mind is pre-conditioned to think about the internet, and become more receptible to suggestions on which internet broker to use.

    Another example, if you're trying to talk a chick into your bed, according to the doctrines of NLP you're supposed to choose specific words and phrases like "Why don't you and I fuck around (pause) with the idea..." or use the word 'Happiness' alot, but deliberately pronounce it 'hap-penis'.
  3. ...IMO NLP is best thought of as a technology for mental re-engineering. It consists of a theory (easily verifiable by observation) of the processes people use to think, including external physical cues. It includes a large (and no doubt still growing) stable of therapeutic techniques for effecting change through changing the way we think, and through changing the subconscious biases we have for decision making. A lot of it reads like BS because of the iconoclastic personalities of the inventors, Richard Bandler and John Grinder. Their books starting with "From Frogs Into Princes" are the best source material. Beware many lesser luminaries, and stick with the prime stuff. Because of an acrimonious falling out between the inventors, the subsequent divergence of their development, and the subsequent copyrighting of the letters NLP by Bandler, many people who use NLP (including in trading) do not formally acknowledge it.

    I recommend that you look into it, but be prepared for a slow go. It could very profitably lead you into their key sources, the work of the psychotherapists Milton Erickson and Virginia Satir. Next to Vipassana (insight) meditation and to trading itself, IMO NLP is one of the most effective tools in our arsenal for effecting beneficial personality change.
  4. Read his book "Personal Power" or order his new CD course "Personal Power II" from his web site.

    www.anthonyrobbinsdc.com or www.tonyrobbins.com

    He uses NLP to retrain your mind away from self sabotaging behavior. He trains people how to "take action" from day one to analyze what it is in life that will truly make you happy. He sets you on an immediate course to make the plans and then the personal mentality changes to lead you to your dreams. If you actually follow his program to the "T" and you do an annual review (redo the entire course once a year as a refocusing exercise) you will notice MASSIVE POSITIVE changes in your life. Hope this helps. :)


    BTW, the military uses NLP mixed into the training regimen for the training of our elite forces. The idea is to train methods to tear a persons "limiting beliefs" out of their mind. They train our elite forces to have the mental capacity to believe and achieve the successful completion of any mission that is tasked. The bottom line is the $HIT WORKS...try it and see. :)

  5. try "Think & Grow Rich".

    All these new age books are just rehashing that book.
  6. Forget about it...

    Just learn to hypnosis.
  7. Read up on George Orwell if you want to know more about this. In fact last century had a few fellows who were very great at this.

  8. If you really believe that, somehow you missed a lot. NLP was developed by Richard Bandler and John Grinder over the past 25 years or so. A significant portion of their work is based on modeling outrageously succesful people, like Virginia Satir, Dr. Milton Erickson, and others. There is no short explanation, NLP covers a LOT of territory. Hypnosis is a big part of it. So is linguistics. So is neural science. I have devoted the better part of 10 years studying all these subjects. I personally have witnessed and experienced live changing progress from NLP. It is designed for generative change and progress. I've seen it used on drug addicted people, couple with marital issues, traders, business people, musicians, well, you get the point. This is not new agey, cultish, or religion. It's a methodology for managing the subjective aspects of your mind. Current neurobiochemistry supports NLP's findings. NLP works. In addition to my own studies, my brother is a licensed NLP practitioner and trainer. I have also spent time with Richard Bandler. If you've ever wanted to change how you feel about something, change how you respond to situations, create new behavioural patterns, get more creative, lose fear, etc etc NLP has an answere. Many answers. If you're serious about learning more, I strongly reccomend finding a little book called Using Your Brain For A Change. It's an introdcution to what is possible and how it works. I should also mention that Bandler did not disover or invent or create NLP. He put it together, using knowledge that has flowed from the geniuses of all time. Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein, Gregory Bateson, Noem Chompsky, Alfred Korbyzsky, Henry Ford, just to name a scant few. And yes, Napolean Hill. They all used pieces of NLP. Bandler has modeled the best and extrapolated. I have more fun inside my head in 5 minutes than most have with a week at Disney. I'll answer any questions I can, but if this thread goes all balistic, I'm not coming back, so pease PM me. The negative energy literally has an effect on my health, and it's just not worth winning arguements with people that really don't want to change. Being stuck in a world of uncertainty provides too many people with their security blanket.
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