What is my Style? French, British or Italian?

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  2. JSOP


    This is my rule of thumb:

    When you are eating, you go French. When you are dressing, you go Italian. When you are working, you go British.
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    Most of French cuisine is a variation of Italian...
  4. JSOP


    That is so wrong, I am sorry. French cuisine is completely different and has entirely different roots from Italian cuisine. And the approach to cooking and treatment of food is also totally different in French cuisine and Italian cuisine.
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  5. I find both delicious. :thumbsup:
  6. tomorton


    Walk British, stroll French, strut Italian.
  7. JSOP


    Eat French, Dress Italian, Work British.
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  8. :D:sneaky: Right?
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    wtf ?!?
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  10. I thought the rule of thumb was Dress British, think Yiddish.
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