What is most volatile FX?

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  1. I just got a demo account in oanda trying to see how forex trades....any ideas which pairs are most volatile and trend the most and which curruncy do u use?????

    PS which time frame do u guys use to trade ( what is avg. time position)
  2. volatility and trend do not coexist.
  3. in futures they do
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  6. If you're wisely playing with Oanda demo, then XAG/USD (silver) and XAU/USD (gold) are an order of magnitude more volatile than any currency pair, while using up hardly any of your margin at entry, e.g., for the same % risk. (Between the two, silver being far more volatile than gold.) They are also capable of strong, lasting trends, as just about everyone knows by now.

    Among currencies, take a close look at GBP/JPY for a while. The benefit... once you do, you'll feel that, by comparison, GBP/USD moves in sloooow motion.

    You'll find many vols here.
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    Stay with the most liquid currency pairs. Liquidity is a VERY important factor.

    Most Liquid in order of liquidity:


    All three of these give you plenty of trading opportunities.

    I trade using 30 min charts. My favorite times to trade are between 06:00 EST and 13:00EST.
  9. Do you know any good moving pairs between 4pm-10pm Eastern time?????
  10. could you also explain to me why the pip spread is so high becouse i went long on Eur/Aud and the i was down 12 pips why is some pips spread when I buy is 1.5 and some 12
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