What is love?

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  1. Romantic love is an unconscious projection of our own inner divinity (ie: god, higher self etc)

    Because we cannot see that divine part of ourselves we use our partner as an unconscious mirror.. thats why love is so powerful, it is the only truly religious experience most of us ever have..

    But in one of gods little jokes on humanity.. we are never in love with who we think we are.. we actually fall in love with ourselves.. our true selves

    Ha ha.. very funny god you bastard
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    what is love

    baby dont hurt me, dont hurnt me, no more

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    Maybe you should stick to your other line of work, what ever that is, because your career as a theologian has been ruined by this post.:D
  4. I shit you not.. be it occultism, philosophy or psychology.. you will get the same answer.. the only point these disciplines differ on is what is being projected.. ie: god image for philosophy, higher self for occultism and true (balanced psyche) self for psychology

    And in truth they are all just using different words to describe the same ineffable divinity
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    Best song ever.

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    Awesome song! Love it!
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    Anyone remember this? They really don't make music like this anymore.

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  8. Love comes to this world and sees a sign posted: "Keep out".

    Past the "Keep out" sign there's another sign, "Do not disturb".

    On the other side of the "Do not disturb sign" is something called "love" that substitutes for the real thing.

    The world's love is built around special relationships.

    In Heaven, your relationship is with the entire universe simultaneously. Communication is with everyone, all the time.

    Needless to say, you've sacrificed pretty much everything to find that special romantic partner.

    In Heaven, all is shared.

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    you talk as if you have been to heaven :(
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