What is Logical?

Discussion in 'Strategy Development' started by ubertuber, Jan 21, 2009.

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    Show of hands from successful Proflogic Traders whom have graduated from student status and are applying this methodology exclusively as taught on an intraday basis.
    i.e. Your sole source of income is derived form this method.

    Success stories only please. Plenty of causalities can be found via an ET search. I would like to hear from the other side for a change.

  2. pismo10


    This is a very, very old argument. Just get what you can to add to your own work out of it. You are never going to find a holy grail here or anywhere else.
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    Unfortunately your reply is off topic to the objective criteria as stated in my prior post. I'm also trying to keep the tone positive in an otherwise uncluttered thread that has prevailed here on ET. i.e. I have not presented an argument.
  4. pismo10


    IMO, You are just trying to stir up trouble. If you don't like this stuff then read something else.

    This is one of the few clean threads on ET without a lot of negativity and I hope it stays that way.
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    If there are no success stories I would at least like to see exact indicator settings posted as well as specific and consise (eg. no room for interpretation) entry and exit rules. Perhaps they have been posted already but I have not seen them.
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    "...it may be a good place to connect with others using his method.

    Often, its good to communicate with others to share perspectives, epiphanies, and other insights that are not directly from the author. "

    100% on topic! Sorry Pismo if connecting with others whom have successfully applied this method on an intraday basis offends you. Attempt to exert your influence elsewhere.
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    Why not apply it and see for yourself whether it works or not. This way we can evaluate YOUR process and guide you to make sure you are doing it correctly instead of venturing out on your own and making mistakes or getting information form other that did it incorrectly.
  8. Sushi


    Is not this same guy who rip off jack Hersey and claim perfect record before FCC force him to change. You people will listen to anyone.
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    No . . . and you need to get your facts straight before you make unsubstantiated comments.

    If you think I am, PM Jack and ask him first before you begin speaking out of your hind end.
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    I carefully worded my post as to not attract detractors. What I did not foresee is that I would be triggering peoples defense mechanisms.

    Why not apply it and see for yourself whether it works or not.

    Success inspires before one perspires.

    Proflogic Traders, PM me with your successful intraday testimonial so we can leave this thread to its own bearings.
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