What is "Jack Hershey's Method"?

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  2. I'm with you thread starter. I seen a lot of threads on jack but never really found out much about the method. I guess you gotta dig deep to find some answers, but I wasn't that interested.
  3. theres tons and tons out there..very specific in fact

    just go to the first pages of the journals and it will have links .

    I managed to find and read everything in a couple weeks.

    Lot of people knock Jack,,sure hes a bit eccentric and grumpy at times but his technique works.

    Dont knock it until you;ve given it some DD
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    Why attack Jack ? You got anything better to offer ?
  5. I didn't mean to come across that way Gluck. I simply didn't look hard enough, I'm sure the information is there. I don't even know Jack, but when I have something to offer I will be sure to offer it.
  6. :D :D

    I knew a guy a while ago and he had big stuck out ears, his nick name was Willy Wingnut...any relation?
  7. If youre really interested you can find numerous links in spyders thread to documents which cover the subject.
  8. I think his method is to invade as many threads as he can...:p
  9. I think the method is mental abuse.
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    Think of Jake Bernstein, he is another papertrader that has been around for ages. Linda Bradford Raske probably was, is an actual walking talking trader in real life. You have Joe Ross also who along with Linda , Constance Brown and others i read books and picked up a tidbit or two to enhance my trading ideas.

    As time progressed and i kept stirring the pudding until it got thicker and came to a slow boil i indeed have looked at and possibly read MOST GURUITIS stuff out there. Then after seeing all the jibber jabber about Jack Hershey stuff and even as a winning daytrader the ramblings pinged my interest, face it, i am always willing to learn more.

    I indeed looked at spydertraders stuff about what was being offered. ZIP, nada, zero NEW tidbits were extracted, i mean not even a simple tidbit. SCT is all old stuff and as they say on wall street, SCT is a pig with lipstick.

    Channel trading is in every technical analysis book out there. What has SCT done for you lately might be asked. Well jack claims you can get triple the range, no losers, opportunity to make a couple hundred trades a day, have dozens of lines on the screen to remind you about playing with crayons in kindergarten and above all get an opportunity to be fleeced in the near future.

    Channel trading is there on any chart to be seen by any trader worth his/her salt. most traders do not need to be "arrow addicts" to see when price will do what price will do.

    KISS works, put the crayons back in the childrens playpen and get serious guys/gals.
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