What is it with the British?

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  1. Since I'm long CHF in my play money account I'm listening to the overnight European broadcast of CNBC so I can pretend like I'm a real trader.

    And they keep referring to CHF as "The Swissee".

    Is that the best they can come up with?

    Just drop the last syllable and add ee?

    Like they call cigarettes cigies.

    When I was in college we dropped off the first syllable.

    So Pizza became "Zah"

    What do students at Oxford order on a Saturday night. Pizzees?
  2. What's wrong with Swissie? Sometimes I also hear it called "Swizzer" or smth like that...
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    It's pretty much in line with what other currencies are referred to as: AUD is Aussie, CAD is Looney and NZD is Kiwi. Note the "ee" sound at the end. (Looney and Kiwi are names of birds that came to symbolise each respective country.) Note also that the same exact words are used to informally refer to people from each country. So, they predate currency trading as we know it.

    Edit: For comparison, the GBP/USD exchange rate is referred to as "Cable", and this word is not used to describe a person from Great Britain, unlike all the currency names above. You should have mentioned this to justify the thread title :)
  4. Hmmmm, so people do call Australians Aussies and New Zealanders Kiwis... However, I have yet to see anyone refer to Canadians as Loonies.
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    Well spotted! I gather "Canucks" is more appropriate.
  6. sissies
  7. yankies.
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    I didn't know that's what usually mentioned. :/

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