What is it like working for a hedge fund?

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    What is it like working for a hedge fund?

    By Anthony Reuben
    Business reporter, BBC News

    It makes a certain amount of sense for a hedge fund to be based somewhere leafy, but even by usual standards, Tony Tresigne works in a quiet spot.

    Tony Tresigne
    What you've seen over the last few months is different to volatility because you've seen an almost systematic collapse of the financial system
    Tony Tresigne, Lionhart Investments

    Hedge funds tend to be based well away from London's financial hotspots such as the City and Canary Wharf, in districts such as Mayfair.

    But his employer, Lionhart Investments, is based next door to the golf club in Wimbledon.

    It is a relaxed environment on the edge of Wimbledon Common, where at least one mobile phone network has no signal at all, but do not let that fool you.

    "I have a mobile phone that rings all the time - and on family holidays, it quite often becomes a source of contention," he says.

    "It's a standing joke with my wife that every time I go on holiday, something catastrophic happens that requires my presence on conference calls.

    "If I say that my five-year-old son knows how to use a Bloomberg screen, you'll know what I mean."

    Managing risk

    The idea of a hedge fund is that it will judge itself on the absolute amount of money it makes for its investors, not the amount it makes relative to the way markets have gone up, as would be the case with other funds.

    The way it does that is that people like Tony identify investments such as shares, which they believe will rise or fall significantly...

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