What is Islamic Fundamentalism?

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  1. What is Islamic Fundamentalism?

    by Sahib Mustaqim Bleher

  2. wabrew


    "Here, then are some of the "fundamentals", "basic and unalterable principles" of the Qur'an, Muslims believe in."

    You cherry picked from a book that is full of all kind of "opinions" that are expressed as "laws". the word "some" in the above quote is the key word. The rest of the book is just 7th century nonsense.

    what a boring post. I should have not bothered to read this.
  3. islamic fundamentalism is being A TRUE MUSLIM. it is doing exactly what allah tells you to do. and who is any mere human to disagree with ANYTHING their god says?

    just about every follower of any religion is a FAKE follower of the religion. they SAY they're christian, muslim, etc. because they were brainwashed and raised to be, but nobody can (or should) live according to any of this nonsense.
  4. That's the key, isn't it. For those who do not submit to God, there will be no peace.

    Why shouldn't we be frightened?
  5. and it is not just any god. We all must submit to Allah.