what is islamic finance?

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  1. as above. is it like "socially responsible investing" or "christian investing"

    and how widespread is it?
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  3. I'd be scared of late payment penalties.
  4. Off with your head, I'm sure its something medieval.
  5. Instead of paying interest, they just make the principal larger. So, say a house was 100,000, you have to pay 120,000.
  6. Instead of interest to the lender, the lender is sharing of profit. The lender own some of the business always. So that is a way to keep Islam control of people?
  7. It's interesting to note that Usury/interest was BANNED in early Christianity before the late Roman empire took over the religion and incorporated some of their pagan beliefs into the later version of the religion.

    The only time Jesus ever got violent was with the bankers on the temple steps. And for being against Usury, he was killed.


    There are more direct references in the Bible condemning Usury than there is condemning homosexuality.

    If Jesus were alive today, he would be stoned today by the average illiterate republican foot soldier.
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    Would you rather have someone who cares if your business succeeds or someone who does not give 2 shits?

    saying Islam controls people (by ownership not usury) is like saying the fed controls American population by writing blank checks to the treasury & keeping your purchasing power down ON top of charging you interest. Ignorance aside, why aren't you calling foul play there?
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