what is in your shtf kit

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  1. what have you got prepared if the worst happens.
  2. Eight


    I have some peanut butter in the fridge and I froze some water.. oh and a thousand rounds of ammo to go with my assault rifle...
  3. do you have a medium of exchange like gold. what about if you get sick.
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    Obviously, he's gonna use the thousand rounds of ammo, and his assault rifle to get whatever he needs from people like you...:D Well, that's what I would do, and I'm sticking to it :p

  5. you assume i don't already have ammo. besides he would have reduced his safety by one sacrificing some of his security and by two giving me something i could use against him.
  6. Eight


    gold is hard to deal with to get it's value.. it's not the ideal medium of exchange.. bullets go stale with time so they have a decreasing value but they are useful both as a medium of exchange and for shooting... there are things that really rise to the occasion for mediums of exchange in the prolonged shtf scenario, but hey, this is ET.. who shares anything worth knowing on ET :D I have some of that stuff salted away, I'll be fine..

    Here is an example of exchange rates in worst case scenarios... suitcases full of silver items straight across for equal volume of veggies in Hitler's Germany.. food was severley rationed at one point...

    I wouldn't go raiding people with my assault rifle.. it's for defense.. of course if I could draw somebody into a firefight and they had some bitchin' arms and I prevailed.. victor.. .spoils... :D
  7. Probably we'll all run out of food at the same time. I'd read that there's a 10 day supply of food (in the stores in production and in transit).

    People will probably trade anything for food.

    Next up I'd say would be medicine or batteries.
  8. i have a vest for protection. is that any good.
  9. suit yourself :D

    I'm not worried. The herd will be doing one thing and moi will be doing something else.
  10. what if the herd is trying to get what you have.
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