What is in your opinion the best material for learning technical analysis?

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    Hey guys,

    I`ve been studying a few books on technical analysis already and I`m hungry for more:)

    So far I`ve read a few in norwegian and these in english:

    - Technical Analysis For Dummies
    - Trading For A Living(not purely TA, but covers it to some extent)
    - How Technical Analysis Works

    I`ve planned to buy John Murphy`s "Tecnical Analysis Of The Financial Markets" as this is the one that seems to be recommended the most.

    Any others I should buy when I place my order?

    I`ve also been thinking if there is any other resources to learn technical analysis in addition to the books.

    Interactive online courses? Do they exist? If so, anyone worth exploring?

    What about videos? I noticed that there seem to be a lot of these out there, but it`s hard to know if any of them are really worthwhile. Most are too expensive for me to simply take a chance ordering one out of the blue.

    I imagine that videos with real-time TA would be really helpful if such a thing exists.

    Thank you in advance,

  2. Down load Medved Quote tracker and experiment with it.

    Checkout from your library, "Technical Analysis of Stock Trends" by Edwards and Magee.
  3. think about reading something about empirical TA - historical testing of indicators, system design - this is where TA is most useful imho - i wasted my time for a couple of years trying to read price action - now that i am building my own systems i'm doing better...

  4. Good advice.

    When I was first learning about all the indicators, i would load them in QuoteTracker and see what they looked like. Usually you can figure out how to use them on your own. Sometimes you figure out a better way to use them on your own than how they were intended. But if you see something you don't know, do a google search on it.

    You will find that out of every 100 indicators you look at, you will maybe have a use for 2 or 3 of them. You may modify them or use them in different (better) ways than how the websites say you should use them.
  5. Whoa :eek:

    This is like the opposite of what everyone on the main forum says!! You went from PA --> Indicators?

    I'm interested in hearing more of your journey!
  6. lol, thanks for the reply. nothing too fascinating i'm afraid. the real breakthrough was when I started quantifying things - looking at the significance of edges and if they were statistically valid.

    i use the word indicators in a very loose sense... Price Action or Indicators...my point above was whatever you are using, make sure you have a quantifiable and statistically significant edge....

  7. I think one of the best resources for T/A is right here on ET!

    It is the "EWJ: Elliott Wave J........ " journal by mu200411

    It is located in the Technical Analysis Forum.

    This journal is light, fun, applies Elliott Wave theory to the markets in real time and is well written (brief and to the point).

    It's another tool for the toolbox.

    It might even work!:)
  8. vingbel


    Like Ironfist, I'd like to hear more as the main forums on ET focus a lot on PA and TA.

    Are you saying you try to find an edge based on a mathematical formula where you plug in changing prices and volume?

    Or are you using something that's both quantifiable and discretionary?
  9. Johnny


    Thank you for the replies. Much appreciated:)

    Keep it coming:D
  10. John Carters 'Mastering the Trade' is a great read
    very informative

    of course, if you use the methods as outlined in the book, you will go broke in about 6 months

    but its still a useful read
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