What is in the name? (Kaballistic ramblings)

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  1. A child will die without being named. There were several experiments done on new-borns during different periods of time. I will look for a past internet information. Therefore we cannot have a baby and name it nothing without serious repercussions.

    Child language study has exercised its fascination on rulers and scholars alike for over 2,000 years, especially in relation to such questions as the origins and growth of language (§49). Many felt that the study of linguistic development in the child (language ontogenesis) would provide clues about the linguistic development of the human race (language phylogenesis).

    Some interesting similarities have been noted between the vocal tracts of infants and non-human primates (§49), but there is still a great gap between the emotional expression of infants and the prepositional content of adult language, which studies of acquisition have not yet been able to bridge. Someone who was remarkably modern in his views was the Mogul Emperor of India, Akbar the Great (1542-1605). He believed that speech arose from people listening to others, and that children who were isolated from human contact would not be able to speak. A contemporary Persian account, the Akbarnama of Abu'lPazI, takes up the story:

    As some who heard this appeared to deny it, he, in order to convince them, had a serai [mansion] built in a place which civilized sounds did not reach. The newly born were put into that place of experience, and honest and active guards were put over them. For a time, tongue-tied wetnurses were admitted there. As they had closed the door of speech, the place was commonly called the Gang Mahal (the dumbhouse). On the 9th August 1582 he went out to hunt. That night he stayed in Faizabad, and next day h e went with a few special attendants to the house of experiment. No cry came from that house of silence, nor was any speech heard there. In spite of their four years, they had no part of the talisman of speech, and nothing came out except the noise of the dumb. (From H. Beveridge, 18971910, pp. 581-2.)

    The Holy Roman Emperor, Frederick II of Hohenstaufen (1194-1250) also carried out an experiment with children. According to the chronicle of a Franciscan friar, Brother Salimbene:

    He made linguistic experiments on the vile bodies of hapless infants, bidding foster-mothers and nurses to suckle and bathe and wash the children, but in no wise to prattle or speak with them; for he would have learnt whether they would speak the Hebrew language (which had been the first), or Greek, or Latin, or Arabic, or perchance the tongue of their parents of whom they had been born. But he laboured in vain, for the children could not live without clappings of the hands, and gestures, and gladness of countenance, and blandishments.

    Language can be a weapon if the mind is discordant. On the other hand, it is the most powerful force for unity and peace - if properly understood. The balanced name is a means to an end. The end is greater mental freedom to express the higher potential of mind. Mastership represents mind at the stage of universal wisdom.

    Mind is a power of concept; therefore it grows only as the concepts are basic and true. If we base our mental evolution on an incomplete or inaccurate theory of life, we get unbalanced growth. The results are demonstrated in religious wars and the strife throughout the world. They are also demonstrated by people using intuition and the sense of feeling, where thought and basic principle are required. There are many concepts that are mental dead-ends, leading to mental discord and even insanity.

    Mind translates the more complete balance of universal Consciousness into expression as a complete mastery of self is accomplished. The small world of self is the restricted and disabled expression of the universal potential seeded within each of us. That is why we need to attach an ideal to everything we do. That is what allows our daily actions to serve our spiritual potential.

    Many are the theories for mental and spiritual evolution. All of them are incomplete unless the role of mind and mental growth is properly understood. Most religions have symbolic references to these principles in their sacred writings, although it is clear that current interpretations have missed the significance of this truth. As people learn these principles, they can recognize that the truths of mind have been distributed across many cultures and many eras.

    There is really only one path; the evolution of mind through concept to a universal perspective. Anything less, is a restriction of the Conscious potential seeded within each of us at the first breath.
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