What is happening with BRLC ?

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  1. Is it that good of a stock ? I bought at 8.03 on Tuesday. Today its at 8.71. Up 10% in one day. Is this an immediate sell, take profits, and then sell short ?
  2. Almost up $5k in this stock in a week and still going. Thank the lord I didn't short it.
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    BRLC has been a great trading stock for me. I first got involved back in October when I was researching a new LCD TV. (I ended up buying an Olevia 542I).

    They make a great TV for the price - recently a "Best Buy" rating from Consumer Reports. Ranks up there with the Sony's & Samsung's , but at a much better price.

    Anyway, I have traded this stock 6 or 8 times since. (From the $6 range 'til now). I sold some today(bought at 7.40) but still hold 2K shares. I'm thinking I will dump 1K around $10.25 (which I expect to see on Monday), then hold the other until 1K until earnings (2/8).

    This could be a great growth story and it could see $15.00 this year, but some of the business relationships kinda scare me. I prefer to trade it instead of hold it long term. I certainly have made enough off it to buy several TV's.

    There was 12M shares short (40%+ of float)- although I expect a lot of that was covered this week. That likely accounts for some of the run-up.

    Good Luck!
  4. The chart is starting to look like the megaphone top. The next leg up should go higher then the previous high, but then it will be followed by a rapid fall. Pay attention to the volume. Up and down days appear to be on high volume.

    Here is a picture of the megaphone top formation.
  5. Here is another picture
  6. so a nice 20% + short is coming right after I made 20% going long, eh. Sounds good to me.

    Didn't even notice the bearish triangle, thanks m8.
  7. stock is on SHO> Large fail to deliver is giving you the volatility on the upside.
  8. ^^^ Whats that mean ? Sorry, don't understand teh abbreviations
  9. search for the Reg Sho threads. it's all there. Look at the news on OSTK today. They are counterfeiting shares, and when they get caught, the moves up are violent.

    AGIX, CROX, BRLC....... These threads pop up all the time, and most of the stocks are Reg SHO stocks.
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    I got out at $9.50 today. Will be looking to buy back if it gets below 9.
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