What is happening with Asian futures..?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Optionpro007, Nov 19, 2006.

  1. Huge selloff since the open.

    ES hanging tough. Doubt it will hold.

    Is this related to the Apec meeting ?
  2. You call that a huge move? It looks pretty common to me.

    Are you a complacent bull who is panicing?
  3. Not at all. It just seems odd.
  4. lol i guess when the vix is 10 and the market hasn't had a 1% down day in an almost 110 year record 17 weeks anything down is shocking
  5. 2006


    Everybody Run !!! Run for your life the Asian Markets are down !! The Asian Markets are down !!

    The world is coming to an end. The Nikkei is down 1.4% this is a catastrophic event. Personally I am in shock and disbelief.
  6. The sky is definitely falling.

    I have had some great shorts today :) If I traded the US markets though I'd be thinking about the possibility of a long from open.
  7. no worries..

    just buy

    all gap downs get bought right back up :)
  8. where do you guys look for asian session information? i check cbsmarketwatch but am wondering if there are any better sites?

    thanks in advance... ps - i have a i.b account - if there are relevant symbols - appreciate it.
  9. Yes on IB, but you need to subscribe to the data feed for each of the markets. Best thing - all of the following are free.

    HSI - HK
    SGXNK - Nikkei
    SPI - Australia
    K200 - Korea
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