What is greater Wisdom or Wealth?

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  1. Is wealth what you have or what you know? because I know what I have and you are always trying to find out what I know, Am I wise or wealthy? Adam Weishapt once said
    " What I have is what you don't need", spoken freely, meaning find what you need instead always looking at what I have...
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  2. VicBee


    Cool, I've got both!
  3. which one? which thing? and which knowledge?
  4. VicBee


    What I know and the cash in my pocket! Of course it would have been nice to have all this long before I reached my late 50s, but better late than never.
  5. virtusa


    It is easier to have wisdom when you are young, than to have wealth at that age.
  6. VicBee


    Funny how it usually doesn't work that way
  7. Money because then you can buy wisdom
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  8. Pekelo


    Stupid question since you asked about A and B and he said both. What the fuck is hard to get about his answer?

    To your original question wisdom and wealth are different categories, so they can be overlapping or missing each other.

    Had you ask about luck and skill, you would have a thread going....
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  9. stochastix


    no you cant
  10. Sprout


    True wealth only exists with wisdom.

    Wealth without wisdom isn’t wealth at all.
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