What is Gphone?

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  1. What is Gphone?

    Technical speaking Gphone is Linux operating system.

    1) It uses the screen as a touch pad, just like your notebook touch pad. It can't do multi touch stuff like iPhone, no fancy scroll like iPhone or iTouch. Because the touch pad is more like a mouse, you have to keep contact when dragging thing around.

    2) The screen size is much smaller than iPhone, The display is much worse than iPhone, web browsing is almost impossible, because you have to zoom in scroll up and down all the time in order to read an article.

    IPhone is clean winner, no wonder Gphone is free.
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    It's not a phone at all, and it's called Android, not Gphone. There is no Gphone.

    It's just an open source OS for cell phones. Over time people will create the apps needed for the system to dominate...they don't exist just yet.
  3. Fuck android, Google needs a Gphone. How about VoIP technology that would make all current telecommunication companies obsolete.
  4. You don't get it. Apple is trying to do what M$ did to PC's, client lock-in and obstruction of open strandards and free development. They just know that an open platform will eventually produce better stuff than they make, so they will lose marketshare then.
    Moreover, they made the $800 iPhone marketable by selling their soul to an networkprovider who pays $300 per connection. So they are legally obliged to keep the thing locked.

    Google just proposes to start an open platform, based on open standards for free development. And 'free' in this case doesn't mean gratis, like you cheap bastards, just payed $500 for an iPhone seem to think, it is 'free' as in not-in-prison.
  5. There is nothing special about GPhone, just Linux displayed in a tiny scrollable window.

    Open source? You know how many have adopted the Linux operating system, what's the ticker for the hottest 2000 IPO at $300??? LNUX
  6. A very large part of the links between your PC when you typed this, and mine when I read it, consists of systems running on Linux. Same think if you get money from the ATM or scan your shoppings in the mall.

    You have no idea, really, like many locked-in clients defending their choiceless choice.
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    it shouldn't be called a g(phone). Its software....
  8. How many of you want open you TV today?

    Open TV initiative?
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    it may rule some day, or it may not. won't harm goog to at least try for it. but, it will be to our demise if it does dominate. freedom isn't free!
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    get married, have some kids, then ask yourself that question again.
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