What is GPHONE?

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  1. what is googles gphone.. everybody talks about this one.

    anyone knows what it is? is it competition to apples iphone?
  2. Corey


    So far, just fanboy vaporware. The wikipedia entry for the gphone does make the thing seem like a future possibility, however.
  3. Gphone is a phone where you will get advertise deliver to you exclusively by Google
  4. In the U.K Blyk just started delivering free phone time and text message time to 16-24 yr olds using an advertising type business model.

    Google should try this in north america

  5. AC3


    The early word was the GPhone was going to be free or sold at a modest $100ish price. However, now the word is that the phone will be somewhere around $400. One thing to keep in mind is the gripe that people have with the IPhone is that the At&T network sux.

    The word on the network is that TMobile will be network. Here in Southern California home of the Cell Phone Tower people describe the TMobile service as poor on a good day.

    Its just my 2 cents but until the 3G network is up and fully operational is there any point in going after one of these network heavy phones ?