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    I need help, there is anyone know good book for Forex trading, I m new in this but i wann know more
  2. For you, start with 'The Cat in the Hat' and work your way up from there.
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    thank's.... but i know you can help more than that..
  4. LOL!!!
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    Thank you rsbe we need people like you here
  7. newbby,

    I think what Martin Gale might have been saying is that there is really no book that can tell you how to trade forex. You just have to dig in and stake your claim. Watch and learn the market for a few thousand days while losing as little as possible. Spend time reading here at ET. There is a lot of knowledge here. You just have to filter things a little

    But just in case....I am going to re-read the Cat in the Hat in case I missed something.

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    I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN.... BUT WHAT IS Technical Analysi That what i wann know
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    Martin Gale's immeasurable contribution aside......

    In terms of an introduction to the Forex Markets, I would recommend Day Trading The Currency Market by Kathy Lien....amazon.com has it for a reasonable price. It discusses many aspects of the Forex Market including some basic trading strategies.

    I would also recommend that you go through these forums as much as possible and, basically, just absorb as much information as you possibly can.

    Whatever you do, don't even think about trading live yet. That should be a long way off in your thought process.
  10. What is technical analysis? Maybe get a book on technical analysis and not forex.

    This forum is not going to be any help to you given the level you are currently at.

    Have you traded before?

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