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  1. Hitman


    I will send you mine, 4 monitors set-up on Monday.
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  2. tntneo

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    I too think simpler is better.
    My posted setup has 2 monitors, the 3rd one is back up.

    There is no right way.
    The setup also depends on your type of trading. I tend to have a simpler setup because I trade only 1 or 2 markets and always these two.
    These are just tools. You want the good ones to do the job at hand. I do think one monitor is too less though. You fully realize when you get your second one. It does not matter what type of trading. There is just always at least 2 things going on in trading : quotes/analysis and execution.
    When integrated by your broker you may save a little space, then whatever else you want to see won't fit on your screen.

    anyway, posting setups is a very good idea. There is a lot to learn just looking at them, I sure liked it.

    PS : if you are a realtick user you want to know about this link http://www.daytradingstocks.com/realtickpages.html
    these are setups you can use directly with your computer [and scanners and hot lists etc...]
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  3. Preatorian2

    What is it that you are reading that is so invaluable in thestreet.com/realmoney.com? I am just curious. I try to read Gary Smiths columns in there. I think he is funny...
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  4. LelandC


    I have (2) 15" flat panel monitors that I use exclusively for trading and a laptop computer that I use for internet and e-mail throughout the trading day. I like to keep things simple too. I have a buddy that has (6) 21" monitors that he watches all day long. I look at his set-up and I get a headache from all the data.

    Less is more I say,

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  5. Hitman


    Although I do like to point out that at my firm the size of the trader is usually easily seen by the number of his monitors. The size guys don't have less than 4.

    Also I wonder what's the big deal about screen set-up's, this is a completely personal thing and you should do what you are comfortable with instead of emulate others.
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  6. I read the columnist conversation pieces, gary b. and todd harrisons stuff. He's been hot lately. I also like James cramer, and herb greenberg.
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  7. Fletch


    ok... i'll share my system.

    For me it's a very nice tight system... I used to have a slightly larger system but this seems to work best for me now. Nothing is really state of the art but what is critical is the redundancy. For trading I mainly use four computers as follows:

    1 quotes/custom charts (4 monitors)
    2 order entry machines (1 monitor each)
    1 internet/chat/e-mail (2 monitors)

    There is also a server which shares my primary DSL connection and can be switched to my backup DSL in about 10 seconds. One of the quote machines is always running on the backup DSL. There are also a couple of laptops which can be switched to (on the 8-port KVM) in case one of the other systems goes down.


    If you want to see how the system is configured here's the link:


    The only major change is that the dial-up line has been replaced with a cable modem.

    It's hardly a simple system, but luckily i was a computer consultant before I started daytrading... now the only consulting I do is for myself!

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  8. Magna

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    And I thought with my 2 computers, various monitors, DSL + std modem, hub, etc. that I had some redundancy. Ha! Thanks alot for showing your overall layout, I'm definitely impressed and stand in awe.
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