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  1. I have had a lot of fun exchanging posts on this boards. I feel that it has been an incredible and very valuable learning experience. However, I am very disappointed with the lack of participants who are willing to share a screen-shot of their trading station.

    The reason I started a new thread is because I felt that some of you may have not read the thread titled "Screen Shots" http://www.elitetrader.com/vb/showthread.php?threadid=1757&pagenumber=1

    Anyhow, Dustin offered to post your screen-shot on his website:

    And to my amazement and his:

    So please participate and share a screen-shot. I have learned a lot from the five that are up there and am sure I will learn a lot more if you all participate.

    You do not have an excuse! ;) Follow the guidelines in that thread, capture your screen and email it to Dustin.

  2. ktm


    As a swing/position trader, and after seeing what these guys posted - I'm pretty embarrassed at my pathetic 2 monitor setup. It simply pales in comparison to what these pros run.
  3. In all honesty, I wish I had something to show you. I am one of the most prolific posters here, but my computer knowlege is VERY limited. I use one laptop with a p3 chip, and 1024 ram. Besides that, I don't have anything special enough to post. I use cybertrader, and in that screen is just 4 l2 boxes arranged so they each take up 1/4 of the screen so I can watch 4 stocks. I also keep 3 charts mimimized along the right of the screen, and one at the bottom showing the sp futs. I keep 4 windows open on my bottom control pannel. 1 is datek charts (I still prefer their bigcharts to anything else. They are so much simpler), 1 is thestreet.com/realmoney.com (I think this site is invaluable. You really aren't looking to be profitable if you don't read them religiously), I keep tradingmarkets site open, mainly for traderswire, and finally, I keep my yahooclubs chat screen. I wish there was more I can tell you, but it isn't that exciting, and that's why I never posted anything. I honestly think that when it comes to trading, simpler is better. The more I look at, the more distracted I become, and the less I can concentrate on.
  4. trader58


    Two monitors is nothing to be ashamed of. I know guys who make size trading with two monitors. I traded with one 21" for a few months. It was hilarious...I had like 50 hot keys set up to save space. Right now I have four (two 21" and two 17" flat panels)which is plenty. My firm would give me more if I requested but it would be waste. When I trade I don't like to swivel my head around too much. I am pretty much focused on my main monitor, which has my order entry and TOS.

    As for posting a screenshot...I would be more than happy...just tell me how to do it.
  5. trader58


    praetorian2...One laptop??? I think that is great. A lot of new traders at my firm always complain about only having 1 or two monitors. As if having more monitors means they'll make more money.
  6. trader58


    Never mind...I know how to do it now, after reading that thread.
  7. ktm,

    There is no such thing as pathetic setup. My setup is two monitors also.


    I too believe that keeping things simple is great. I am just curious to see how you setup your charts, background colors, level II etc.

    Remember, As a private investigator, I have a license to be curious and dig stuff out of your trash cans. No matter how insecure you might be about your own setup, it can be of extreme value to someone else, so please be a part of this.


  8. Rigel


    It's not how big your computer is, but how you use it.
  9. dozu888


    Only 1 monitor here for intraday play... follow only a handful of NAZ stocks, and usually just watch the COMPX 5min chart, and keep the strong/weak candidates in my head... when I see market strong, I pull up the strong ones for the day, quickly calculates profit target/stop loss, R/R ratio and open the IB window to put in the order.
  10. Dustin


    I won't have access to my email until Monday so if anyone sent me screenshots that's when I will put them up.
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