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  1. [$$] Caterpillar Posts Loss, Cuts Outlook and is up 3%

    Just replay this times 20 companies, is there this much liquidity in the system once again, or was this long only funds thinking I missed this rally, and they were just waiting for the first big pullback to get in the market?

    Just a thought but I think your going to get a much more substantial chance to get in the market at a cheaper price over the next 6 weeks.
  2. Bad news is the new good news

    Up up up up AND AWAY for all!!!!!!!!!!
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  4. Yeah, this is a bearish thread. Send the unpatriotic garbage to the part of the forum no one reads.
  5. Illum


    They are buying futures. So everything is lifting, everything is being distorted. Yey derivatives. This rally is almost over.
  6. Where have you been the last 6 1/2 weeks?
    There hasn't been more than one down day or two since the lows.

    Nat-Gas is at yet another contract low today ($3.50 ) but NG land driller PTEN, who only has 1/3 of its fleet working has received 3 upgrades in the last week, one of which was from Goldman Sachs today with a target of $16.00

    The stock is trading >$13.00 per share and is +80% since March 2nd.

    Mutual Funds have an early LONG "bias" that is trying to get in ahead of the economic trough. Most are "underweighted" in equities and are afraid that they've missed out.
  7. Got it.

    Bluestreek and Dodge are the new stock_trad3r and Port it would seem.
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