What is going on ?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by omcate, Jan 30, 2003.

  1. omcate


    Had a nap. Woke up and noticed that Dow Jones was down 166, NASDAQ down 36. What is going on ? Did any star analysts open their big mouths again ?

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  2. LouieR


    Looks like the combination of Q4 GDP of 0.7% and AOL losing almost 100 billion dollars did us in today.
  3. Coupled with the realization that the first two weeks of buyers are underwater already, and the January barometer is pointing to a 4th straight down year, despite the fact of all the reasons given for "another" better year. Yada Yada Yawn!

    Hell I hope we hurtle towards oblivion, and get this mess over with already..

    Maybe the the long trap from Tues-Wed will be the start?

    And we can clear the decks for a REAL rally.

    But I get ahead of myself!

    Oct lows not far off, (60pts) and the disgust factor is high..could get a real nice washout soon.

    See soon enuff.
  4. in the nasdaq futures today

    someone decided he had to bail out in the 1st 45 minutes

    of the overnight session ...

    will see if he is right or wrong tomm I guess .
  5. omcate


    It seems that "someone" may have known "something". AMAT cuts first quarter sales outlook. It really hurts the Semis and the Nasdaq futures.

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  6. maybe i'm an optimist but there is still a good chance for a rally. with all the bad news that has come out we should have hit the october low by now.
  7. dbphoenix


    Why "by now"?

  8. omcate


    Good guess.

    Now, the Dow Jones Industrial Average shoots up to triple digit gains and the Nasdaq is in the green territory.

    Feel better
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  9. dbphoenix


    On the other hand, we haven't even reached yesterday's highs, much less exceeded them.

    Although I guess it depends on how one defines "rally".