what is going on with TIF TIFFANY

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by darwin666, Apr 16, 2009.

  1. any one shorting this retail POS..

    it should be falling but has gone through the roof..
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    Stock is worth no more than $10 BUCKS at most.

    Sales are down and will continue to fall.
  4. hmm.. wud anyone recommend rolling a short position over. from APR to MAY.. I have 25 short strike calls. which I will roll over to May 27 for even 1.60 approx..

    I read somewhere rumors of takeover. but seriously. who would want to buy this POS retailer in this economy.. This is one stock which makes no sense !
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    I watched TIF climb all day and finally at 26.05 I jokingly stated, "I'm going long TIF because you just can't get enough of it and it'll never be this price again!"

    And within about 15 minutes it gained another .80 cents a share (without me).

    I've come to conclusion that if you are common sense kind of person who thinks rationally, you should put on the trade that seems absolutely insane to you.
  6. isnt this. one of those typical trades. where conventional wisdom says to do something. but unconventional wisdom wins. ha ha.

    well. most of the market seems to be like this . he he. hence why different for TIF
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    "Conventional wisdom is almost always wrong."

    --Gore Vidal
  8. It's called a short squeeze. A lot of whales got greedy on the short side and are now stuck chasing stocks higher. The overall market is undergoing this process now. The true test of this rally is whether the longs are brave enough to squeeze the short sellers at ridiculously higher prices.
  9. u know what... TIFFANY is nothing... only 16% short squeeze interest...

    look at NILE.. ha ha... 50.2% Short squeeze... its unbelievable..

    it seems like everyone knows the bubble is going to pop. what I am surprised is that so many late entry longs are not exiting in the hope that the squeeze will last longer

    fundamentally , the writing is on the wall. NILE and TIF should be down given the current market mood.

    lets see how these play out and who blinks first..

    i predict. whenever there is a drop , it will be swift and the last (mostly retail) to enter longs will be the unfortunate bagholders !!