What is going on with the TT fix adapt?

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by dandxg, Oct 4, 2006.

  1. Geez, I know tech is not perfect, but it's been down almost 3 hours for Ninja Trader. It's not just Velocity, FC Stone was down too. I thought this thing was resolved 3 months ago:mad: ?

    Talking to another trader he mentioned that the fix adapter failed on him on Sept. 25th, said the order was cancelled on Ninja, and he got a call 2 hours later from Velocity saying he was short 2?
  2. I'm on Ninja Trader (current version of 5.2.1000.4) trading through PATS with Man Financial. Have had no problems at all today. Yesterday it was down for most of the afternoon though.

  3. They may have been because of the ECBOT being down?

    Some folks I know of that use Pats don't mind it, but most ppl I know that have traded awhile wouldn't use Pats because they throttle data ( depends on the broker in the end ). TT has always been good to me. I don't know if this is a Ninja issue or TT issue, probably a bit of both. I left Zen Fire because their trade desk support is insufficient IMO. Please fix the fix adapter!:( :D
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    PATS were one of the pioneers of FIX.

    TT's backend is a complex monster, thats why most of the T1 banks & FCM's run PATS (for scalability & connectivity), where as 1 product locals use TT purely for the front end.
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    I noticed that TT was also down yesterday in the morning session, while ZenFire was doing fine both today and yesterday.
  6. That's interesting, nothing wrong on my end with TT fix yesterday, the entire ECBOT was down for 90 minutes or so though. Maybe I will have to bite my tongue and put some money back into Dorman for a back up:p
  7. CME had some down time also for some servers both days.....that was the reason TT was down for a period of time as were others.
  8. That's funny Chris I didn't see any downtime on CME, either did my trading buddies.
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    Yes that seems funny, because on both occasions when TT went down for the CME, I switched immediately to ZenFire which was running fine. Also my live charts with esignal feed was still running. I don't think that the TT outages were caused by the CME - of course I can't be 100% sure...

  10. This was a CME issue and prior was eCBOT. Call the exchanges yourself and they will verify.
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