What is going on with Platinum?

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by Jake777, Mar 10, 2004.

  1. Jake777


    Anyone know what is going on with platinum?

    also, can someone recommend a broker for trading commodities? I solely trade equities and index futures (have been for years), and I would like to know more about trading commodities. Maybe there's a good book to read?


  2. All the industrial metals went up today - not just Platinum. Industrial demand is the short answer to your question.

    You might try Lind-Waldock for a broker, if for no other reason than to be able to access their Global Reserch web site - doesn't get much better than that. Their commissions are not the cheapest around, but starting out that shouldn't be your primary concern.

    As for books, there's stacks of them. A good one to start, IMHO, is "Winner Take All".

    Hope this helps. - rcm
  3. before you start trading platinum

    try using a broker that offers mini gold / silver trading with low

    commissions ( say $3-5 RT ) and test your skills small first

    good luck
  4. Jake777



    I only know equities, so I definitely plan on trading small, if at all in the beginning.

  5. Transact Futures

    Transact Futures Transact Futures

    Jake we would be glad to show you E-mini gold and Silver on our system. The best way to trade is to trade electronically for all commodity markets.
  6. roncer


    Can anyone recommend a service where you can buy and sell silver bars and where they also store your metal? I am looking for a good dealer that also offers reasonable rates.

  7. Banjo


  8. roncer


    Thanks Banjo,

    I find their comission for a buy and sell of 1000 oz totals about 6 1/2%. I was hoping to find a lower rate but maybe that is the going rate?? I have been a futures trader for awhile and this is a new one for me.

    Comments appreciated.
  9. Banjo


    I haven't personally purchased metals for about four years so don't know what's going on in the biz now. I do know kitco is reputable and fair to deal with. Here are a couple of others.