What is going on with IB's HK server? will they please answer the phones?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by jackstone54, Apr 18, 2008.

  1. ?????????
  2. It has been fine today. HK are normally very reliable about the phones ... have you got the correct number?
  3. Steve_IB

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    Jack I think this is your 3rd thread during this time of day when you complain we don't answer the phones.

    You need to call the correct number.

    All the numbers are here:

    You may need to call international. For Hong Kong where it says +852 2156 7907 - if you are using a cell phone, you can just press + on your phone. If you are using a landline, you may need to use a dialing code to get you out of the country. If you do not know it, then please post the country you are in then I'll tell you what it is
  4. mokwit


    Phone pickup time is exemplary in IB HK. Credit where due.
  5. btw, i called ib's hk office this afternoon at 14:33pm because of some chart problems, ib answered my call promptly and politely:)
  6. I think that he's still trying to figure out how to make an international phone call . . .

  7. Hey don't laugh - I always had this problem when trying to get tradestation to call me back. The guys would email me back saying the phone number didn't work. They just never figured out how to call internationally.....:eek:

    Boy am I glad I left those jerks.
  8. Aok


    IB Hong Kong Cust serv is very good. So is UK.

    Ive had no problems trading HSI as far as HK server goes.