What is going on with gold?????

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  1. DROPPING LIKE A ROCK! We just hit 916 range!
  2. Has to be unwinding by hedge funds. Just odd it is happening at this time of day.
  3. Histroy never repeats.....Change it to President Bush "I have directed the Secretray of the Treasury to sell the gold reserves."

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  4. I hung in there long enuf following all the headlines each day and the Fed propping up prices so Wall Street can unwind bad investments.

    Yes they wore me out. I am taking a step back. Now is likely when the cascading domino effect will take out what wouldn't/couldn't before/yet.

    What fails is gonna show for what it truly is: failure.

    Meanwhile the old plays will be replaced with the new plays, but I am wore out. . .waiting for the market to truly correct since last Feb-Mar '07!!

    Much to the aghast of most there will be blood - but this is healthy and I am positioned for every scenario to play itself out. I am just tired, TIRED, TIRED of watching all the shenanigans and foolishness.

    Of course THAT is when we capitulate, right? When we least expect it?

    But I am tired of ALL the crap that comes out everyday. I don't know what is next - but I know it is coming.

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    Ag/Fertilizer and now commodities. Meanwhile load up on your BIDU puts (if it's not yet too late) as support on this one is now lost.
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    On Monday a lady at work announces to the staff that her daughter is having a "gold" party where people can mingle, eat snacks and sell their old gold jewelry for cash... her timing was impeccable... that's what happened to gold.
  6. My sis sold her old gold chains and charms and what not the other day and cleaned up.
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    Back to 1000!

  8. is the price wrong here or what ???wtf
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    920 to 1000 in five minutes or less. Holy cow
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