What is going on with eSignal!!!!!

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by abogdan, Mar 1, 2004.

  1. abogdan


    All the Bid/Ask prices are wrong!
    Almost all the stocks are crossed!
    Their customer support is not available! The wait is 45 minutes!
    We should sue their asses!
  2. Is anyone else having internet problems? Is there a decent and ACCURATE site that shows the internet status preferrably with animated maps?
  3. Hi PuffyGums,

    Try this one...


    There are a few others but I can't remember their links.

  4. Heard ARCA is messing up...
  5. abogdan


    There is always an excuse! May be if they took their heads from their asses the things would be better!
    Bunch of idiots!
  6. Chuck_T

    Chuck_T eSignal


    as of March 1, 2004

    Date Time Status

    03/01/2004 12:35:12 ET Nasdaq UTP/SIP reports that ARCX resumed quoting and quotes are current.

    03/01/2004 11:42:05 ET Nasdaq UTP/SIP reports that ARCX has requested the SIP to pull their UPT quotes until further
    notice. NASDAQ will advise when new information is available from ARCX

    03/01/2004 11:14:04 ET Nasdaq UTP/SIP reports that the ARCX communication problems have been restored and any quote
    problems should be resolved momentarily as queue into the SIP is processed.

    03/01/2004 11:03:52 ET Nasdaq UTP/SIP operations reports that ARCX has requested that the SIP process a second qoute
    wipeout at 10:58:20. Communication line issues continue.

    03/01/2004 10:56:53 ET Nasdaq UTP/SIP Operations reports a communication problem involving Archipelago Exchange's
    communication line to the SIP. ARCX requested that the SIP process a quote wipeout at 10:21.
  7. abogdan


    Give me the name who ever is responsible for this screw up! I'm not letting this slide this time!
  8. so what are you going to do be real
  9. abogdan


    With this attitude we will never change anything! We need to stop these lousy software packages from screwing everything up!
  10. The Director of Telecom that you want to speak with at E-Signal is:

    Bill Habe (510) 723-3555

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