What is going on in Asian markets?

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  1. Open positive a decent amount only to fall off a cliff after 20 minutes of trading.
  2. Tums


    What? You think we have reached bottom?
  3. No, but I expected some type of pop out of world markets.
  4. Every fucking rally is a good point to short blind folded.
    That how it goes now days :(
  5. All this stuff the world governments are pulling won't work and they know it. They just trying to save their hides from the voters by acting like they give a shit.
  6. Don't see too much lower, to be honest. What? Another 10%? PE ratios are extremely cheap on almost every stock. Median next year PE for analysts I've never seen lower at 11. 11! Tell you, if we go another 30% I'd be backing up the truck. I think we've already overshot, significantly.
  7. The lowest common denominator tums? I coined that and you will soon understand.... Good luck, plop-plop-fizz-fizz.... Up and up and up it izzzz.

  8. PE ratios will go up once earnings are released. Remember, the market is forward looking. If earnings go down 30% than PE ratios will go up 30%.
  9. And now I understand the connection Mr Tums.

  10. Is this crappy action a good indicator of the US market at open?
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