What is going on in Asia?

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  1. Their markets are skyrocketing and I cannot find any major news.

    Our futures have followed and rallied back from their lows at open.

    Could be a good day for longs tomorrow. :D
  2. US$ index +0.40% now 72.95 (that's quite a rebound!), oil down -1%, gold down -1%. Major indexes EWJ, EWT, FXI are oversold.
  3. wow....oil is $143 instead of $144 ....we are all saved...let the rally to 14,000 begin....you people have to be kidding me
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    Talk of dollar intervention coming out of G8.
  5. Gotta get a bounce off the triple bottom on the S&P or all hell breaks loose.
    Count on "intervention".
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    Oil back under $120 and dow goes to 12,000+

    anything under $100 and that is a huge catalyst for the market.
  7. link from somewhere?
  8. "Asian stocks advanced, led by financial and technology companies, after China Merchants Bank Co. forecast higher profits and as investors speculated recent losses were excessive." - Bloomberg

    Looks to be an Asia only event.
  9. Eurostoxx50 and DAX futures were trading +0.5% premarket. Underlying opens in 20 minutes, will see if it holds up.
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    oops. it looks like the dax has made some casualties once again. i am going to the pool now to relax after another dax beating. :D
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