what is Gekkos trading style?

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  1. In the 80's film W.S. what was Gekkos trading style? Insider info. on anything that would make money?

    Or did he get insider info on companies he could asset strip etc...?

    When I first watched it I thought he kind of "long only" getting insider info about stocks....but I do not think he was about that solely. He semed to like to buy majority stakes in companies and strip their assets?

    Right? What do you think?

    (just for fun guys...:) ) I do not want to know Gekko's system...lOL
  2. LEAPup


    Long and short.

    He was "on the phone 5 imnutes after the NASA crash shorting the stock."

    He played a greedy, ruthless, successful street player. What he taught, and many didn't catch was, trade with no emotion.

    He had no emotion over destroying a company in order to get their 75M pension, he had no emotion when it came to getting what he wanted. Almost a sociopath which to the surprise of Oliver Stone put him up as the favorite hands down over Bud Foxx in the public's eyes...