What is France hiding ?

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  1. What is France hiding ? Does France have anything to hide ?

    I feel that these are valid and relevant questions.

    We know already that France doesn't give a fig about other nations and is in fact ruthless in this regard.

    So why are they so concerned about keeping the rest of the world out of Iraq ?

    They haven't really made a case why the U.N. should not enforce Iraq complying with the conditions of resolution 1441 so what is France's hidden motivation ?

    Could it be that they possibly have made illegal sales to Iraq and are afraight that this becomes public knowledge ?

    Comments (and evidence if available) is welcome.

    Harry, you live there, you have shown yourself to be objective, how do you see the above ?

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    Did you know that France does not have a death penalty?
    That might be why they are so against war, it might kill someone.
  3. >>Did you know that France does not have a death penalty?
    That might be why they are so against war, it might kill someone.<<

    I think the reason is because they have already spent their quote during the French revolution. :D

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    Could be Free, could be:D :D
  5. What is France really hiding? Their motives.

    Follow the money trail to the oil contracts they have with Hussein. A change in leadership there, could negate those contracts, and leave France holding worthless paper.

    Could cost them billions, and billions, as they lose their bargaining power in the future.

    http://www.antipas.org/daily news/03_01/03_05iraqoil.html

    France is playing a very dangerous game politically. Those who saw how Bush turned a blind eye to California during the energy crisis, know that Bush remembers his friends.....and his political enemies.
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    Figures it is money Optional.....always is:mad:
  7. Thanks for those websites Optional.

    If it is illegal to trade with Iraq except for sanctioned kind of trades like the oil for food and medicine agreements, wouldn't it also be illegal for any country to enter into a oilfield development contract ?

  8. Illegal, as in violating UN agreements?
  9. ... those great words of political wisdom: "When all is said and done, there's a lot more said than done."

    Anything any country's officials say prior to the actual moment of decision must be taken primarily as posturing aimed at domestic audiences, secondarily as maneuvering for position. If, when it really counts, the French and whatever allies act in the belief that their long-term as well as short-term interests lie in the marginalization of the UN, disruption and turmoil in the EU, and an adversarial relationship with the world's leading economic and military power, then we'll know that we've truly entered into a new era in international relations - likewise if the US proves, in the end, unable to provide or chooses not to provide some diplomatic fig leaf for the French and even the Germans.

    As for whatever the French may be hiding, anything short of secret communiques in which Chirac personally signs off on the 9/11 attacks can probably be taken by the US and others as old news, already-assumed facts, or, at worst, the faults of particular individuals or companies rather than unforgivable national policies, and it would hardly be unprecedented for a nation like the US to conceal whatever it might uncover if embarrassment of its allies is seen as undesirable.
  10. >>Illegal, as in violating UN agreements?<<

    Yes, Optional.

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