what is daytrading?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by goinonbro, Mar 27, 2002.

  1. goinonbro


    let me explain.....
    i have just found this site and from reading the entries i am not sure what we are talking about. i realize there are many firms and styles etc... out there. but when we talk about about daytrading what are we referring to?
    i have been trading for over two years almost all nasdaq stocks and i have tried different methods and still constantly learning. from the few things i have read i feel like i am not clear about the general concensus of what it is to daytrade.
    i apologize if this question seems pointless but i just like to know what people think it means to daytrade...
    thanks for imput and good luck out there.

  2. Pabst


    You seem like a nice young kid. Just hoping that by post #4 you're not back with "a couple of exciting sites and/or chat rooms that made the concept of daytrading" easy for you.(or more so for us)
  3. goinonbro


    no, that is not my goal at all in fact this the first trader forum i have ever been on. i have always tried to stay away but i've been struggling as of late and just trying to see if i am alone.
    allow me to clarify my question...
    when i ask what is daytrading, i trade between 30-50 thousand shares a day. all nasdaq stocks, i rarely go out long and i use both soes and most ecn's to put in orders.
    i am not familiar with trading on the nyse.
    i trade low volume spread stocks with some size (500-2000) share positions.
    that's my background.
    so am i alone out there or do a lot of others trade this way.
    thanks again any input is appreciated.
  4. polopo


    let me refraise the question
    what's the best they u've had so far?