What is considered a good rate? Emini's

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by Knyyt, Feb 15, 2007.

  1. Knyyt


    Any advice on what is considered a good rate RT in the eminis for about 50 turns a day?

    Is 4.35 considered expensive, average, or cheap for this?

  2. i think $.90 a side as a seat holder on the CME...
  3. All fees included, broker and exchange?
  4. well if you lease a seat, you only need a clearingfirm I believe so no broker. The CME website has the fees so if you do enough volume and have enough monthly profits, it may be worth leasing a seat.

  5. Knyyt


    No, not looking to lease seat, etc,.. just looking at the retail level to try out some ideas.
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  7. Marex Financial in London were doing pro clearing at $0.68c a side for the electronic CME markets when I last checked in with them

    0.34c exchange fee (european incentive)
    0.10c globex fee
    0.02c NFA fee
    0.22c clearer fee
    =0.68c a side

    this was for volume upto 5000 a month, if you did more volume then the clearing fee went down to I think 0.08c for around 100k a month. No seat lease required.
  8. Contact:
    ProActive Futures
    Mirus Futures
    Open ECry

    All are competitive on retail commissions and good people behind the operation.
  9. Transact is $3.42 R/T. There is a $400/mo. platform fee, but if you do 364 or more R/T per month the fee is waived. Otherwise, the $400 is pro-rata based upon the number of R/T.