What is conciousness?

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    I am reading the new sciAm. It has an article on conciouness. As I read this thing, it seems like so much nonsense. All these people can say about conciousness is akin to saying that when you walk, your legs move.

    There is no question in my mind that conciousness and how animals achieve it is the greatest unsolved problem in all of science.

    Of course, some people believe that conciousness is somehow tied to a soul, and that is not corporeal. We leave that nonsense to the God threads.

    It is incredible to me that I sit here and I know I am concious, and yet, I have no clue how it is that I do what I do. It is madening from a scientific point of view because there is nothing in the entire universe with which we have closer contact with than our own minds.

    I still believe that the best exposition on conciousness is Penrose's take on it in the book, the Emperors New mind:


    To summarize the book, he says that the way we think is not computational in the sense of computers, but quantum mechanical. He goes on to "prove" that by showing that we don't think in steps, but make incredible leaps in understanding that no computer could ever do given their sequential and serial "thinking."

    While this is no explanation either, at least it tries to guide research to look for the way we "compute" away from these simple minded notions of conciousness.

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    Another theory here


  4. Good effort there.

    The analogy of dreams is useful.

    Most would agree, the dream you had last night seems to come from your own mind.

    It seems "real" while you sleep.

    Upon waking in a body, what you see seems to come from another mind.

    But it is the same mind...same dream.

    The sleeping dream seems less real than the waking dream. But this is just so the waking dream seems "real" by comparison.

    But this is because of another kind of sleeping.

    Consciousness is the first step toward a sleeping state of unawareness. It is a constriction of...a limit on full awareness. It requires something else to be conscious of. But if reality knows itself as one, then this is the first step into unreality.

    It is required in order to have a dream in which there are many players. It is the first step toward a perception ruled environment in which knowledge and certainty are traded for not-knowing and doubt. It's an environment in which nothing is for sure, but anything goes.

    True awakening is the re-expansion of awareness to it's original state. It goes beyond consciousness to a state of knowing only oneness. It does not see separate entities.

  5. Think of the conscious mind as one mind that has just denied the reality of oneness in order to have an experience of freedom.

    Only, if reality is free, this expression must be in the direction of non-freedom.

    Limits are not real, so the mind that goes in the direction of limits must also not be real.

    So it can be compared to artificial intelligence...like a very powerful computer able to write its own scripts...all it's own "if/then" scenarios.

    All scripts for time and space were written in a single instant shorter than a green flash at sunset.

    Within this instant alternative scripts were written covering all possibilities within time and space.

    At the macro level, all of these scripts comprise one script .

    Each script has it's own "big bang" beginning.

    For discussion purposes, I'll say that there are 1000 big bangs per second. In other words, it is continuous within that single instant as instants within an instant.

    In an instant all feelings and resulting scenarios within the idea of "separation" are explored and presented as a holograph.

    At the end of each script, the conscious mind wakes up from a long and tiresome journey, and lays itself down in favor of full Self awareness.

    The idea of guilt laces all the scripts.

    The experience of a linearity of time among the characters is due to a consciousness of the feeling of guilt.

    Without it, the dream is gone.

    So, if the Big Bang happens 1,000 times per second, it is happening so fast that we perceive form (matter) as constant, but in reality it is being totally recreated constantly.

    Each Big Bang contains a total code with all of the CURRENT possibilities, but these possiblilites are new based on selections made from the last instant of code. Each instant is truly a new creation.

    The code is ideas, just as all things within illusion are ideas.

    The code can be seen as specific manifestations in form, can be felt as feelings or can be heard as thoughts.

    The best way to look at the code is as the potential driver of experience. I say it is the potential driver of experience, because code will only drive your experience if you fully believe the code.

    If you let go of your belief in the code, even partially, it no longer has full influence over you.

    The code comes from the macro you.

    The code that most directly influences you in the experience as an individual is the code that most directly comes from you, but all code influences upon each other so that no true separation in code can be determined.

    It is really important to accept that there is no separation and this is always true and always reflected within the code.

    The code makes illusion. As long as you experience any degree of illusion, you experience the code. And you always experience the totality of the code although the code can be experienced differently. This is because the code is a layered code, and the layers are different vibrational levels of the same basic code. Add to that the phenomenon of an individual scripted interpretation, and the code seems to have a myriad of different angles. But it is all one code.

    Individual scripted interpretation also comes from the code. This facet of the code comes into the mind as your thoughts, your feelings and your reactions. It is an interpretation of shared events, and your reaction or belief about individual interpreted code adds to the overall writing of total code and total experience.

    With that said, here is your only responsibility as long as you seem to be in a body within a world:

    Your influence on the total comes from your interpretation of the code, which you then relive as individual interpreted code or you choose not to relive through recognition of your creative ability. At some level, you must recognize your power to change the code or you remain “trapped” within the belief and acceptance of the code as real. The only way to be released from the code as you write it is to recognize your freedom and choose to write different code.

    In its most basic element, individual interpreted code comes into the mind as a thought, feeling or reaction to the overall illusory code. It is a part of the total, but it is a part that makes the total, so it is as significant as the overall code.

    You are to be aware of your individual interpreted code, and you are to measure that code against the idea of your true desire. When the code is aligned with the idea, you reaccept that code into the mind. This feeds into the total code. It affects the overall and it affects your evolving individual interpretation.

    If the code as it is received is not aligned with true desire, it is time to recognize yourself as creator and edit the code. Editing of code is making a change so that the code as it was received is not the idea accepted into the mind as true. In other words, you do not feed the unaligned idea back into the total code of the world. Or said another way, the idea is not shared into the mind that is the Sonship.

    To not re-share an idea, you must recognize your power. You must step into your power and choose to be the role of source or creator instead of playing victim to your thoughts. Accepting that code comes to you through your previous interpretation is accepting responsibility for the code.

    This acceptance may seem easy or strained. You may accept the idea of creator with joy or with great resistance. The time it seems to take to accept responsibility for the code will vary based on your basic reaction. Do not judge yourself for the ease or challenge of accepting responsibility for the code. Rest, relax, be patient. Accepting responsibility is key, so no matter how long the time, the time is very well spent.

    Accepting responsibility for the code and accepting (or allowing) your reaction to it is different than reaccepting the code into the mind. When you step into your power as creator and choose to accept responsibility, including choosing to accept the effects of the code as you previously interpreted it, you are also choosing not to reaccept the code. If you were reaccepting the same code into the mind you would not be pausing to see that this line of code need not be. You would not recognize your power. You would not be aware that there is another way to see. So whenever you pause to look at the code, you are changing the code by shifting to another vibrational level.

    It is true that this is not a true edit of the code. The symbol of editing is useful, but at the level of individual that power does not exist. Remember, the total layered code comes from the totality, so by choosing another way to see, you are choosing to shift vibrationally to another layer of the same basic code. Every option is already written, but the option you choose affects the overall writing of every layer of code.

    Experience is different than reality and to try to reconcile the two through intellect is an impossibility. But reality and its effect on experience is understood through non-intellect. It cannot be put into words, but it can be seen and it can be seen clearly. Still, when it is seen it is seen from a perspective that isn’t totality since individual interpretation always applies. Individual interpretation is your freedom, and your freedom combined with the totality of all creates the unlimited potential that is God.

  6. Consciousness is like a mask that you wear, and it seems to be something and to be alive, but when the mask is taken off and laid aside, it is nothing. You are what is behind the mask. You were there before the mask was put on. You are there now, under the mask. And you continue when the mask has been laid aside.

    Existence is a peacefulness and wholeness that your consciousness cannot imagine. I ask you to accept this in faith and trust. To try to imagine existence without consciousness is to continue to exercise consciousness and to retain it as your seeming identity. To know your Self as existence, you must relax and let go of consciousness.

    You are existence itself.

    You existed before illusions seemed to be and your existence is assured after illusions are forgotten.

    This is why I say you are eternal.

    Your existence is free of pain, fear and worry, all of which seem to be a part of the consciousness of which you think you are now. It is the seeming individual consciousness that is illusion, and this illusion is not you because it is not existence. It is an illusory consciousness that has been laid on top of existence through imaginings.

    You are thinking that you were born.

    But birth is imagined. It is illusion born of the idea of separation.

    Do not confuse reality with illusions. This is a confusion regarding who you are.

    You try to imagine yourself without imagings. This cannot be done, for illusory consciousness does not remember existence without consciousness, and so it cannot imagine it. Because you believe that consciousness is what you are and that all experience must come from being conscious, it seems that existence without consciousness must be death. But how can existence be death? And if existence is death, how could it have made consciousness?

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  8. Listen to Ken Wilber's Audio Book "Kosmic Consciousness" It's easily found in torrent files.
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