What is Citi going to sell for $400 billiion?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by crgarcia, May 12, 2008.

  1. Citi has a market cap of "only" 124.11 Billion
    So they won't just sell some unprofitable business divisions.

    They're going to sell mostly financial assets, but what?

    Stocks (other, not their own stock)?
    Commodity contracts?
    Foreign currencies?

    $400 billions certainly moves markets, its best to be prepared, or else...
  2. Daal


    they are going to sell other businesses that they own. citi germany might be one of them
  3. They're not selling $400 billion of assets today so no need to prepare for a massive sell off. They're looking at their assets and analyzing to see if all of them still fit within their profile. This may be a surprise but companies do this all the time.
  4. either way
    C is heading for 18.5 again
    I am shorting at 24
  5. zdreg


    citi calls them legacy assets. a nice term is
    non core assets. the real term is junk assets.
  6. What are they, physically? Property, plant and equipment? Inventory? Intangibles such as goodwill? (LOL)
    Accounts receivable or long-term assets such as mortgage notes receivable that have been rendered worthless?
  7. They own 150 Guflstream G550s they use to commute to work and party with hookers/coke during the good times. They are gonna unload em The rest of the items they are gonna sell I have no idea.
  8. They are going to sell discounted shares to Prince a la weed.
  9. i hope they dont plan on selling these assets anytime soon at such low valuations. If this was such a concern why did they end up buying Nikko Cordial. i dont think this deal closed until jan this year