What is Chuck LeBeau doing these days?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by cnms2, Feb 28, 2006.

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    Q: What is Chuck LeBeau doing these days?

    A: I have officially retired. I gave my farewell address as the final keynote speaker at the TradeStation conference in Las Vegas last November. I am no longer trading or managing any investment funds other than my conservative retirement portfolio. I may still do an occasional workshop for my good friend Dr. Tharp but other than that annual event my speaking engagements are currently limited. I am no longer doing my previous LeBeau Workshops but Workshop DVDs are still available at ...

    My wife and I moved to Arizona in 2004 and we live in a quiet retirement community on the Verde Santa Fe golf course near Sedona. Although I am retired and spend most of my time playing golf and writing a new book about exit strategies I am still very fond of the System Traders Club and I would very much like to see it continue and grow. I think it provides a very valuable service to traders and I am willing to put some time and effort into keeping it going.
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    I've read his books and he seems like a decent fellow, but most of the systems he was selling just quit working about 1999-2000.

    They pretty much all seemed like curve fit failures to me. I remember that a lot of the system buyers were on his boards and they universally wanted to hang him.

    It has been a few years since I was there, though. Maybe some are working again?

    Buyer beware...
  3. I was wondering how his systems performed after he stopped updating the site.

    So they did all or mostly fail?
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    As far as I can remember darn near all failed. Most suffered huge drawdowns and completely collapsed.

    The reason they looked curve-fit was that the prior performance shown, as indicated by the backtest, not real results, was great. Hardly any drawdown or losses.

    Then soon after he sold them they stunk to high heaven. Seems like an amateur mistake, from someone supposed to be an expert on systems trading...

    And before someone beats me up for it, I guess it could have been that by just selling these wonderful methods, the edge got removed by system buyers. I suppose it is possible, but the collapse happened very fast.

    And really, the same results would have been achieved anyway. But there are systems being sold (check Futures Truth) that actually have good long term track records. Survivor bias? Maybe...
  5. this is an issue because it makes me wonder what I can 'take away' from the site. I remember a post he made where he said that systems that he developed for multiple markets failed, so they then started building systems around individual markets. This is something I do and am testing them now. So far I'm up....