What is BlackBison?

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  1. I have noted an alias by the name of BlackBison who is a sponsor. This alias seems to go from thread to thread posting comments in an effort to spread the links. Nothing wrong with this other than being annoying an no value add. Just what is this vendor? Perhaps some more details other than "Decembers" account statement would be welcomed and a good idea from a marketing standpoint. Anyone know what this vendor is selling and who it is? Is it some kind of marketing test, as I suspect?
  2. BlackBison was the name of a Red Indian chieftain
  3. Ok. What have black bisons results been to date in 2011? What does black bison trade?
    Has anyone on elite used the services?
    Thank you
  4. BlackBison posts the first few pages of his IB statements on his signature thread, but he does not show the IB statement page which shows cash deposits and withdrawals!

    There is no way to tell if the equity graphs are based on profitable trades or on deposits to his IB account.

    ET have closed his statements thread, which is very convienent, so no one can point this out.
  5. Epic


    Agreed. I don't know why many of the members here pull up some convoluted graphs to show supposed stellar performance, when all they really have to do is log on to IB Acct Management and get a snapshot of the acct during the desired period. Use the Time Weighted option to show returns based on actual trades disregarding deposits and withdrawals.

    Not really all that hard. I'm not impressed by a cash value that grows 2,000% in a year. But I am impressed by time weighted annual returns of 2,000%.
  6. I saw a movie once, where indians traded snake oil and whisky with the comancheros.
  7. Yes, NAV in this context is worthless.
  8. BlackBison sounds like a black male pornstar.