What is best source of daily spot prices

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  1. For a range of commodities. Preferably, free..
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    Four free sources of daily cash/spot prices:

    This also has the monthly World Bank or IMF cash prices. On the monthly, I can't remember which source they use, but they're very similar.

    You can copy and paste this each day or scrape it and hide rows or delete what you don't need. Covers a broad range except for petroleum. They used to have that, too, but I imagine their provider changed the rules on redistribution. Quandl used to have the exact group of WSJ prices you'll see in the link above but the WSJ made them remove it. Quandl has since reconstituted most of it.

    EIA for energy and USDA for agriculture. There is a huge amount of free info but it takes some digging to find the downloadable time series.
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  4. Thank you Robert.
    Are these spot prices though?
    What I have seen is futures quotes at those links, not EOD spot, which is what I was looking for, ideally
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    I think Barcharts has both and the CME is only the futures. Sorry, I did not see the "spot" in your question. I'm not even sure where Spot prices come from.
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    thanks for sharing