what is best software for technical charts for forex?

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  1. Which technical software is good, which provides accurate exact technical charting.?
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    Personally I use CQG which is the best charting I have ever used. eSignal is good as is Genesis, but having used all three I much prefer CQG. A little above average in price, I think the basic package is £360 - but you get what you pay for...
  3. I also use CQG, everything else sucks, and I tried all of them!
  4. MetaTrader MT4, it's free :)

    Ensign is also reasonable at $39.95 http://www.ensignsoftware.com/

    I guess it depends on how technical you want to get.
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    I'm trying Optimal Trader, which is reasonable priced ($99) and a bit technical (if you want to)

    Anyone else here who has tried it? It's quite new and a bit different than the others...

    Until now I have mostly used technical analysis for stocks and mutual funds, but I'm currently investigating the possibilities in the Forex market with Optimal Trader

  6. what broker do you use with CQG?
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    I'm a full time prop trader so I use TT X-Trader and clear through my prop firm
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  9. Where do you trade prop and use XTrader7?

    Futures or Forex prop...or both?
  10. Spot Currency, Retail Trader, Neoticker with an EFX feed. EFX execution.

    Spot Currency, Prop Trader, Neoticker with CurreneX feed and execution, linked by Fix Engine.

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