What is automated trading?

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  1. What is automated trading?
    Please tell me details, its definition, its operation process, what software is used general , what a good Web site devote to automated trading,which company is powerful in automated trading? etc.
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  3. It's when you see crazy price action going off. Especially in AAPL

  4. Automated trading is when lots of people flip burgers for you. The operation process involves burger, fries, and a drink. Sometimes this is simplified into "Combo #1". Software is frequently teenagers and college students. The software automates the trade of "fast food" for "money". Some Web sites are the help wanted classified ads section. I can't tell you what Web sites because they're classified! Companies is powerful like such as Burger King and McDonald's. Thanks!
  5. Automated trading is an Australian term.
    When mates sit around the barby sizzling sausages and prawns and sip beer and trade their 4x4's. :cool: