what is arca,island,etc.

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    hello everyone. i am a very experienced trader. i make about 1,250,000 dollars a year day trading. it is amazing. i just buy low and sell high. but i dont understand what this arca or island is. What is it? is it important to me?
  2. pdwst33


    they are ECN's. Basically instead of marketplace orders being routed to actual market making firms like Morgan Stanley, Merrill, Knight, Wachovia, etc, the orders are routed to an electronic trading network that posts bids and offers, and crosses stock when possible. I believe it's the way to go as opposed to sending your order to a market maker who despite what they say, will still try to bleed every penny out of your order and trade ahead of you.
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  4. I'm sorry Piker, this site is called Elitetrader, you dont make enough to meet the posting requirements, therefore you are no longer allowed to post. Good day sir.

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    wow..burying me for getting sucked into the put-on. Back to trading.
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    dont think 75USD/day equals 1.25 mil a year, perhaps your high school didnt teach basic mathematics.

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