What is Americanism? - It's deja-vu all over again...

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  1. An interesting article for those interested in history, my comments below.

    Streicher also drew fire for his issue of Der Sturmer which stated that jewish ritual murder was a fact. At Nuremburg Streicher said that he never wanted to accuse all Jews but rather say that a dark, evil sect within Judaism was responsible for ritual murders. Some say he was murdered for what he wrote about Jewish Ritual Murder and for fanning the flames of hatred against the jews. They murdered Streicher even though he never worked in a concentration camp or even killed one Jew. After his last breath, Streicher became a martyr for the truth, and decency.

    According to one Spanish website, now a dead link Streicher and the others who were hung at Nuremburg had their necks slit and photos show a line of blood running from the neck past the ears and up the head. Were they in fact hung upside down and cut? First I will give a translation of said article that fortunately was preserved by a researcher and then I will post some photos for your own personal discernment.
    Since some of these photos are of terrible quality, perhaps too terrible to make an accurate judgment, let's go to some better ones.