What is America?

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  1. Do you ever sit back and ask yourself, "What principles has this country, the United States of America, been founded on? Do you then ask yourself, "What has America now become?" You may not know it, but you are experiencing it: the answers to both of these questions lie on different ends of a spectrum. America was founded on the principle of individual rights and America became admired by the world as the land of opportunity. Yet, these dreams and principles have become a distant memory--so distant that I believe we have forgotten our roots and we've strayed from these founding principles. What America seems to have become reflects a selfishness and greed at its highest levels.

    Throughout history we have had many great successes: from the passing of the Bill of Rights to a modern country that could send the first man to the moon. All of these were milestones and hope for our country to continue "the dream". When our ancestors were building this country, they built it for the love of the country and what was to come. Our ancestors acted in solidarity: they were a unit and, at the same time, they were a family.

    In fact, the same people who were writing laws were the same people who were out there treating the ill, defending the American people, and growing crops to ensure there was enough food to go around. The point is that Politicians soon arose from various classes, including the working or educated class. The successes of the country, at a time where their country needed them, was therefore their main interest.

    Today, however, these principles and values are no longer being practiced and are somewhat extinct. What history has taught us is that we are supposed to act in unity; yet today, we are fighting each other--acting in disharmony.

    The sad reality is that We the American people have allowed our country become what it is today. There is war within our own people, whether it is Wall Street vs. Capitol Hill, the Rich vs. the rest of us, white vs. black. Do you ever ask yourself where the unity is? Where has the love of our nation gone? When do we stand up for what was built for each of us? When is enough enough? Well, that time has come America; people are losing homes and workers are losing jobs. All this, because the people we elect have other agendas and personal interest when elected in office. Where is the accountability? Where is our civic duty? It's time to take control of our great nation and put the American interest first.

    This article will get around; I have the resources and drive to make this happen. I want the government to tell me that if they have the best interest of the American people, then explain this: why do we have homeless veterans--veterans who have battled in a war only to come home and receive limited support after losing legs, eyes and arms. You get the point.

    It isn't going to be easy because the damage has been done. But that does not stop us from the need to act. And we need to act now. In a country where education is a right--I was taught not to solve a problem by creating more problems.

    We all knew what the federal rate cuts would do to our economy. Yet, we still act in that manner. Why couldn't we, as a country, create a plan for those families and homeowners who were going to lose their home? Why not extend the length of their loans to maybe to 40 or 50 years? Make it available to those who are in foreclosure and then, maybe in 5 years when things settle down, let's refinance the loan for 25 years. Doesn't this seem like a reasonable course of action to help thy neighbor? But, maybe this answer isn't the end; but what it shows is that we must devise a plan, takes action, and show the American people we care. Additionally, there are other options to enact without jeopardizing the rest of the economy. We are giving 300 dollars back to the American people to boaster consumer spending. How about stopping the further decline of the dollar and instead, let's have those dollars back in our pockets. Is the Federal Reserve really doing its job? Let's fix it.

    Let's look at the leadership of this country; is it something to be proud about? We have a politician that is involved in a call girl ring. Let's take him out of office and as such, let's start holding people, our leaders, accountable. We have people in office that have personal interests and not in furtherance of the public interest; let's put a stop to that. Let's lobby for a law that changes this.

    We are in a place and time where we don't even feel safe in our own homes. Some of us don't feel safe sending our children to school; we are afraid of someone bringing a gun to school. Let's start protecting our children.

    We have become so cold and full of hatred; let's instead start smiling at one another, loving one another and helping each other. We are all on the same team; we are one country---can we start building a united front?

    Where the main focus in life has become money and the Bible is correct, ‘the love of money is the root of all evil.’ Look at where this focus has got us? No one seems to care or is scared to stand up for what they believe in.

    Life is supposed to be simple and enjoyable.

    After reading this just sit back and be human for a moment and realize how much easier life would be if we loved one another.

    So in the end, America has become something I am not proud of but I am still proud to be an American. We have the resources and rights to make the change, that’s what makes this country so great. So let’s take pride in our jobs, our families and instill values back into this land. Let’s make our ancestors proud of us for standing up for what we believe in.
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  4. nobody on my team would ever work to prevent an investigation of mass murder in my american neighborhood. nothing has been the same since that basic, pivotal betrayal
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