What is all this Dak Prescott MVP talk?

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    Are these people crazy?

    Believe it! Dallas Cowboys QB Dak Prescott can win league MVP

    NFL odds: Cowboys QB Dak Prescott is the best bet for NFL MVP

    Dak for MVP? Willie Gay for Rookie of the Year? Some experts like former Bulldogs' award chances this NFL season

    Return of the Dak: 3 Reasons Why Dak Prescott will Win the 2020 MVP

  2. He could have a very good year with the healthy weapons he now has around him and another year of experience under his belt.

    He threw for 4900 yards and 30 TDs last year but the team was poorly coached down the stretch. With Cooper and Gallup and Lamp as WRs and Zeke at the back and still top 5 OL, they could finally put it together with a real QB coach in McCarthy.

    MVP is a stretch only because the team does not singularly rely on him to be the man like Mahomes or Lamar Jackson as they have a more balanced offense so he will put up very good numbers but not be the single MVP for that team.

    Cowboys can finish 11-5 this season and get to the Super Bowl .....
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    When you require the other to not understand the onside kick rules, you do not qualify as MVP. If you ask Dak, he says he should be the highest paid player in the history of the league.
  4. Well let's not forget they came back from being down over 20 points so the offense is starting to click. The onside kick was just luck to win the game.

    Dallas' offense is built to spread the ball around so no one player will qualify for the MVP. Dak, Zeke and Cooper will all have good years but not one of them will set major records and be up for the MVP.
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    Why was shitbone Dak down 20? This idea that he is the best player in the league is laughable. He lacks skill.
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    Yeah, 1-3 and this is supposed to be the MVP?
  7. Defense has been horrible forcing Dallas to play catch up in every game.....it is not Dak's fault who is leading the NFL in passing yards and 4th in TDs.

    Why you hating so much... Dak is not in charge of stopping the run or pass..
    He will not win the MVP but he is having a good year so far. On pace for 35+ TDs and 6000 yards.
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    Because they said he was going to be league MVP and the guy thinks he is worth more money than Mahomes.
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    His football career might be over after this injury today.
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    So, thread closed?
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