What is advance Tax payment?

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  1. can anybody explain what is advance tax payment. Someone told like if we make money from trading. we need to pay a advance tax..

    Answers are welcome
  2. my CPA has me make payments equal to my liability from the previous year. if i make more, i pay additional taxes w/o penalties. if i make less, i let the IRS keep the balance and again pay estimates equal to the prior year's amount.

    if you lack discipline, but are having a great year trading, it might be wise to make some sort of set-aside of anticipated FULL tax liability for this year.

    im not a CPA and dont know crap about tax codes, but thats just what my guy has me do.

    hope that helps. maybe you should ask your accountant?
  3. Say I lost 10k during the beginning of the year and made 20k later part of year. The net profit comes to 10k. In this case I am holding the 10k money with me. This includes 4k which is liable to IRS. Do i need to pay that even before the year ends?

    How it works.
  4. highest tax bracket is 35%. There's no way you'd have to pay out 40% in taxes
  5. why not pay a few bucks and get a decent accountant now rather than later?
  6. They're called "quarterly estimated's" my friend...and one is due on Sept 15 another is due on Jan 15 and so on. They're especially fun when combined with the IRS deadline of funding your retirement (Keogh) account on October 15.

  7. The situation is...the Gubmint don't want you to owe a big tax bill. They think it will be hard to get you to pay. You give 'em the bux first, for no interest, then they may or may not give ya some back.

    So they require something called Withholding. With a regular chob, it ain no big deal. Work on your dub-4, finger what ya might owe, and it gets removed from your paycheck, Before you have a chance to blow it on something dumb.

    But with a trading "job", no withholding (unless you were a bad boy). So ya gotta bust out the Form ES - Estimated Tax and send 'em in...April...June...Sep...Jan.

    This is, of course, if you make anything trading. Otherwise you get sumthin' called "Cap Loss Carryovers" And that me bucko is a whole 'nuther story.

    See a tax pro for proper info.

    Good trading to all. :cool:
  8. I think as long as you send them something for your estimated tax payments and then get your taxes in on time you'll be ok.

    They sent me a notice of penalties every year, but honestly it isn't that much and I'd just the same let them figure it out.

    If you're making 100k + from trading then you should let someone else do your taxes anyway, if not and you can do them in Quicken/Turbo Tax then don't sweat it.

    ps You can tell them you lost money in Q1 and made some in Q2 but I don't think its worth the effort cause the penalties aren't that big in the first place.
  9. thanks. I did lost good numbers early quarters. If I tally the profit and loss say I get around 10k booked plus portfolio virtual profits(I havent booked). Now approximately how much i need to pay to IRS. where to pay?

    anyone give some link about it regarding how much % and whom to pay and how?